Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo

Configure your Smartphone for Duo

If you are just getting started with Duo and need instructions on how to start the enrollment process, please visit our guide on how to enroll yourself in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

You have either started the Duo MFA enrollment process and are looking to use your smartphone and the Duo Mobile Security app as your second factor or you started with another device as your second factor and are looking to add your smartphone and use the mobile app. Either way, this article will walk you through enrolling your phone and using the app as your second factor.

The device enrollment wizard will ask you which type of device you are adding to your Duo account. Choose Mobile Phone. Then click Continue.

enroll your mobile phone by choosing mobile phone


Enter your mobile phone number in the box provided. Confirm in the line below that you typed your number correctly and if so, check the box. Click Continue to move on.

enter your mobile phone number


Choose the type of phone you are enrolling. This is important for Duo to provide you the right device information. In this case, we're enrolling an iPhone. The process is exactly the same for an Android phone. Once you've chosen your phone type, click Continue.

choose the type of smart phone you are enrolling


The enrollment process now waits for you to retrieve the Duo Mobile Security App from the correct App store. Before switching over to your phone to download the app, click I have Duo Mobile installed.

download and install the app on your phone then click i have duo mobile


A QR code will appear:

duo enrollment waits with a qr code for you to scan


Now switch over to your smartphone. The Duo Mobile Security app used for UNI's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implementation is available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores. You can use the links below to find the correct apps.

get this android app on the google play store

app available on the apple app store


Once you have the app downloaded on your phone, find the app and launch it. Tap Add account at the bottom.

duo mobile security app home screen


Duo Mobile Security App wants to use your camera to scan the QR code. Tap OK on the prompt. 

your phone will prompt you to use the camera and then let you take a picture of the qr code


Then point the viewer at the QR code on your computer screen. It will quickly scan the QR code and configure your app.

duo mobile security scans your qr code and configures the app


It is properly configured when the Duo Mobile Security App then reverts to the home screen and shows you your University of Northern Iowa account configured.

happily configured UNI account in your Duo app


Switch back over to your computer. You will notice that the Duo enrollment process recognizes that you've successfully configured your mobile app. Click Continue to move forward.

you have successfully configured your mobile app, click continue


You will then be taken to a screen showing you your configured devices. You are now set up to use your smartphone and the Duo Mobile Security App for your second factor.

shows your configured devices in Duo