Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo

Duo LogoUNI has embarked on a journey to add an extra layer of protection to institutional and personal data through multi-factor authentication (MFA). Currently, that data is protected by a single factor - the combination of your CatID username and passphrase. Your username is relatively public information but your passphrase should be known only to you. With MFA, an additional factor is also required to gain access to resources. Since the first factor is something you know, the additional factor must be something that you have or something that you are.

UNI has chosen to license Duo to provide MFA. Duo has many options to provide the second factor, including a smart phone app, SMS messaging, tokens, or a phone call to an office phone.

Initial implementation of MFA will be to add protection for eBiz, particularly for eBiz users that have access to large quantities of personally-identifiable information (PII). Other early implementation targets will include

  • eBiz functions that have potential for a large financial impact on the end user, e.g., updating your own direct deposit information.

  • Access to UNI workstations from off-campus via VPN or Remote Desktop

Eventually, all authenticated access to most UNI resources will be protected with MFA. For additional information and details, please visit If you have questions, you may send them via email to